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  • Computing - I'm a big Amiga fan (see my Amiga page) though I do have an eye on the Macs these days :-)
  • Gaming - I have a lot of consoles of various ages - ranging from classic 8 bit Ataris (2600), though the 16 bit era (Megadrive, SNES) and into recent era - PSX, Jaguar, Saturn. Then there are the next ones. GC, DS, PS2, Dreamcast...and the previous generation Wii (and Wii U!) and PS3, PS4..and the current gen switch and PS5 (not an XBox fan).... oh, and there are the classic computers too! :-)
  • Sports - I'm a member of Nottingham Hockey Club and also do and volunteer marshall the local Vitality 5Ks
  • Martial Arts - I study Tai-Chi and Kung Fu (am Light Blue belt)
  • Music - lots of CD's, lots of concerts and festivals (will hopefully get to one next year!). Was also in a band 'back in the day' and the music creation process still fascinates me
  • Reading - I love a good book. Much like classic gaming, your imagination fills the picture painted by the author/creator. Recently completed George R.R. Martins' Game of Thrones series - currently reading Trudi Canavans' "Two Caravans" by Marina Lewycka and am listening to "The Midnight Library" by Matt Haig, Narrated by Carey Mulligan via Audible Audio Book

Alan Buxey - October 2022