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- Please note this is a work-in-progress guide -

Asterisk is an Open Source software PBX. Its homepage is here

Asterisk is available in the testing/unstable Debian distribution, you can install the main code with a simple 'apt-get install asterisk'. This will put the required files onto your system - and configure a new user/group for the code

This guide is designed around the Zaptel Wildcard X100P IP telephony PCI card. This card uses the 'zaptel' drivers. 'apt-get install zaptel' will install the zaptel main code and docs, you then need to 'apt-get install zaptel-source' to get the source for making a kernel module with.

To create the kernel module, you'll need to use the following command.... 'module-assistant a-i zaptel' (you may need to 'apt-get install dpatch' for module-assistant to work)

Once this is done, you can 'depmod -a' and then 'modprobe zaptel' and the card is now activated. (a quick 'dmesg' will see the "Zapata Telephony Interface Registered" line). Now we just need to configure this whole lot...thats the card and the Asterisk PBX software installation!

Alan Buxey July 2005