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Caught up with diary...oh well, only 2 weeks missing. A quick catch up of
the past 2 weeks.... weekends spent doing basic around the house DIY jobs
eg top floor window repairs - rotting wood cut out and replaced..then 2
coats of undercoat and first topcoat and putty applied. saturday hockey
matches are back on...won the friendlies..played first league game and
should have won..but only drew :-( picked up 'Kingdom Hearts' on my PS2>br> havent played it for ages...and gained a few levels. also picked up FIFA 2003
(part of leaving present from MSSL) and quickly regained the controls
and skills (different massively to ISS2 ). Busy two weeks of security patches
and kernel upgrades. Finished last month in the black. on target!
trip to the dentists. first check up in quite some time....went okay..but
some old denture work has failed and will need to be redone next week..
had to have xray of jaw/teeth/gums...always unnerving!
Also went to see a small Apple Mac stand... mmm! G5 system! mmm! new powerbook
and iPod bundle deal! mmmm! as a staff member I can get the iStudent discount and
finance deals! too tempting! too tempting! ;-) 08-Oct-2003
looking at more buildings.... had to visit some nice biological hazard areas
today. always something suprising turns up. the visit to the raw sewage treatment
labs was also a great thing to do shortly after lunch....;-)
various new packages installed onto the fridge for development work...isolated
to local access only of course...now...who said i dont get techno lust or cyber-wanton
needs? well, someone thought it'd be good to tell me about the new Sont DVD+/-RW+/-R
DRU=510A... now...must resist credit card! (its going to be one of those months i can tell! :-)
WTF??? who the hell do SunnComm Inc. think they are???? they plan to sue a student $10m
simply because he stated the bloody damn obvious in a paper (not even a need for that!)
and told the world how to bypass SunnComms precious 'advanced protection audio system'
errr?? advanced?? it installs a driver onto the host machine. well....only if you run a
'supported operating system'. and EVERYONE into tech stuff (and even most of my friends!)
know that you can turn off autorun for CD's with Windows.....and a few even already know
about the shift key!! its part of the Windows operating system and way/mode of running!
its a frikking OS feature!! this dumb company is going the way of ther DODO very rapidly
I think. Oh , once again, AmigaOS rulez ...as i just stick these CD's into my drive
and they're read without issue. (same is true for Solaris and Linux of course ! 8-)

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