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Updated my FreeBSD 5.1 box at work. changes to the cvsup meant
it actually did update the OS this time! :-) summer break is over
in a month and theres still so much to finish. Halls switches and
network not yet installed and running etc
Bobbie home last night... they had a good holiday..and the house is
nice and warm/busy again. my work during their absence was noted
and even appreciated
My recent EBay auctions (well, it was free listing day!) ended fairly
well. most items went for what i'd expected...several were low sellers
Got the required parcel paper/tape/postage stuff etc for them...and started
to send things off. peculiar phone call of the day..i has just checked
up the nottingham hockey club pages ..the season must start soon and
i got a call from the captain..."are you coming to training?" yes..., i said,
I noticed it has started a couple of weeks back...season startes 4th Oct.
"Ah!", he said, "Actually we've got a few friendlies lined up, can you play next
weekend?". so...looks like my fitness regime will kick in sooner than i'd planned!
lazy Sunday. a bit of gardening. quite a bit of computing and a small throwing
in of DIY. basically some sanding/pollyfilla.
ah...the new Linux kernel has split its AGP driver system up...which X doesnt
know about...so you have to 'modprobe agp-intel; in your rc.local or somesuch
fair enough...fixed that...and upgraded to 2.6-test5. all fine and well
Halifax offering a 0% for 9 months card. sounds fine. applied for it online and got
accepted. nice. have to wait for paperwork..but that should solve my final credit card
issues...after all, i've now cleared the other ones...almost out of the debt pit.
I think being in the black is 'the new black'
Last new switches for halls installed for this year. back onto schedule. Christian
away from ann.lu for some time....so the main Amiga news site I visit is going to
turn into a squalid pit for a while...ho hum. at least slashdot will remain its
usual self ;-)
remembered my nieces birthday. got to shop in time and posted it off. handy to have
postal stamps and bits lying around! got my usual lottery tickets...and lost.
visited Maplins...some good stuff i could buy..though didnt. now have a price in my head
for the finishing of the new house networking. did some more external woodwork protecting
and painting...not long now until it'll be too late for that stuff...still have the 2nd floor
(study/guestroom) rooms to sort out window-fixing .

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