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Nice bonfire display at the nottingham rec ground last night. This evening
I decided to sort out Bobbies MinME system. The HD wouldnt work in DMA mode
and after a lot of playing, I found some interesting things out
i will write my findings and publish them on the fridge...certainly
an eye opener, didnt realise sucha fundamental BIOS/reporting
reliance was in Windows (though may have guessed! ;-) )

Lost 1-3 in hockey. too many losses now. we could have won or drawn
but fate decided otherwise

Got home at about 12:30pm after a night out in Loughborough with work
mates/colleagues. good curry, and thanks to jim'll for the loan of
the floor and futon. On way back i stopped off at Game and bought a
copy of SEGA Soccer Slam that had been eyeing me up for some weeks
spen most of the rest of the day getting to grips with it. good fun
and challenging

Spent the evening doing some more study tidying. have to sort the
place out...what with the range of machines all depending space and
attention. may take my Linux mags to work to form a type of
'reference library' for others to use and peruse.
Patched my OS4 to latest release code and its looking very good
stability of several older programs is better than ever

had meeting at work about the networking project. concentrated my mind
to get several of these building clear by mid january. the rest
of my time - which looks like its going to get very busy will be the
installation and nurturing of the new net. things should get interesting
in this respect. fortunately bits are being installed in small parts
and are already settling in

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